Виды вопросов в консульстве

Виды вопросов в консульстве:

l. What is your nаmе?
2. What is your full name?
3. What is your surname? / What is your last name?
4. What is your nationality?
5. What is your mother’s/father’s name?
6. Are you married?
7. Are you single?
8. You aren’t married, are you? / You are married, aren’t you?
9. What is your married/maiden name?
10. How old are you?
11. What is your home address?
12. What is your current/permanent address?
13. What is your postal code/zip code?
14. What is your e-mail address?
15. What is your phone number?
16. What is the country/city code?
17. What is your date of birth?
18. When were you born?
19. What is your passport number?
20. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
21. Are you the only child?
22. Where were you born?
23. Where are you from?
24. Are you a student?
25. Where do you study/go to school?
26. What do you study?
27. What are you majoring in?
28. What year are you?
29. What is your course of study?
30. Why did you choose to study at the … faculty/department?
31. Why do you study at the … faculty/department?
32. What do you want to do in the future?
33. What are your future prospects?
34. Do you work/have a job?
35. Are you employed anywhere?
36. Where do you work?
37. What is your occupation?
38. What do you do for living?
39. Do you have a full-time/part-time job?
40. Are you fluent in English?
41. What are your language abilities/skills?
42. Do you understand authentic speech?
43. Do you speak any (other) languages?
44. Where did you study English?
45. How long have you been studying English?
46. What is your level of conversational English?
47. Have you ever been abroad? Where? When? How long ago?
48. What was the purpose of your visit?
49. Were you a tourist or on business trip?
50. What is the name of the program you are applying for?
51. What is the program called?
52. Why do you want to take part in the program?
53. What type of placement, do you prefer?
54. Have you ever worked in the US under a J-I visa?
55. How long are you going to stay in the US?
56. How long do you want/plan/wish to stay in the US?
57. When do you arrive in the US?
58. When do you leave/depart from the US?
59. Why do you want to visit/to go to the US?
60. Where do you want/plan/wish/intend to work?
61. Will you look for a second job?
62. Do you have any experience of working abroad?
63. Are you willing to work overtime?
64. What part of the US do you want to visit/to go to?
65. What kind of job do you want/hope to get/to find?
66. What are you going to do with the money you earn?
67. What would you do if you had a problem?
68. What would you do if you were in «an emergency?
69. Who would you contact if you found yourself in a difficult situation?
70. Do you have any friends/relatives in the US?
71. Do you have any particular requests?
72. What are you hobbies and interests?
73. What are your good/bad character traits?
74. How can you describe yourself?
75. What’s the most exciting thing that happened in your life?
76. What do you enjoy doing the most?
77. What do you do in your free time?
78. Do you have any health problems?
79. Do you have any medical ailments? If yes, please specify.
80. Are you allergic to anything?
81. What is your annual income?
82. What do your parents do for living?
83. What is their annual income?
84. Have you ever been charged with indictments?
85. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or child abuse?