It’ a motel! During the summer you can make a good money here.
Employer prefer girls.$ 8.50 per hour plus good tips (100-150 dollars per shift).
Positions — housekeeping, restaurant, kitchen.
HOUSING is free

It’s a restaurant — 2 positions only!

No housing but it’s easy to find it

$8 per hour plus tips!

Nice summer place

For those who like the nature!

Sponsors: CCI, Wise, Geovisions

1. Pay rate $9.00 per hour up to 40 hours a week
2. Overtime is $13.50 per hour
3. Hours available 45-60 per week
4. Housing cost $110.00 per week
5. Housing deposit $200.00 (refundable if apartment left in excellent condition)
6. Uniform $75.00
7. Bike rental $100.00 for the summer per request only

Company provide fully furnished apartments (beds, tables, chairs, sofas, kitchen utensils, etc.)

HOTEL — The job is housekeeping / maid

The pay is $8.25 per hour
35 — 40 hours per week with potential for over time.
Housing is on site.
The cost of housing is only $30.00 per week.
wifi and utilities included
Employer need students who are willing start in May and stay till the end of September.

6 positions available —
$7.25 per hour at the beginning (tips possible)..
32 to 38 hours a week.
This job is great for people who loves to draw.
Housing — Average rent is $70 per week per person.
It’s easy to find a 2nd job at this location.

Job Description: Lifeguard — $10.75 per hour!! Overtime hourly wage (hours worked in excess of 40 during the work week): $16.12 per hour.

Housing Cost: $139 weekly (payroll deducted) — 2-3 bedroom apartments. End of season bonus available! All candidates must arrive May 1 – June 2, 2017, and work through and on September 4, 2017. Additional job opportunities will be available until September 29, 2017. Upon arrival, all candidates must attend and pass a Lifeguard training course, community First Aid, and CPR for the professional rescuer.

— Course length: 2 — 3 days

— New lifeguards course cost: $199 (The course fee can be paid upfront or deducted out of the employee’s paycheck)

— Re-certification cost: $100 for those whose American Red Cross certifications are expired.

Uniform Cost: $80 (The uniform package can be paid upfront or deducted out of the employee’s payroll).

Компания продает лодки и ремонтирует их, нужны механики.
Start rate is $10.00/hr, work is at least 40 hr/wk PLUS overtime!
Can be $15.00 if you have skills (если есть опыт).
Нужны electrical engineers and mechanical engineers.
С жильем в Оушен Сити проблем нет!

Employer needs students that are familiar with motors and understand tools a little. Если у вас есть опыт ремонта собственного автомобиля к примеру, то это подойдет! Остальному научат!

Cafe Bistro. Wage per hour is $10.
Late dates (end of June — beginning of July). 40 hrs a week.
Positions — 2 hosts and 2 bussboys.
Employer helps with a housing!

Kitchen: Starting pay $9.00. This position is helping prep food items and cook them for our patrons. Typical hours are between 9 am and 4 pm and 4 pm to 10 pm.

Server: $2.75 plus tips. This position is in the front of house and requires good English skills and customer relations. Our servers are very busy and they make a lot of tips. The server position waits on customers and takes their orders and gets anything they need. Shifts are 10 am to 4 pm and 4 pm to 10 pm.

Take out window: $7.25 plus tips. This position is in our bar and takeout area. It requires you to take orders at the takeout window and to help the other servers bus their tables and make drinks and milkshakes. They are very busy and also make good tips. Shifts are 10 am to 4 pm and 4 pm to 10 pm.

Employer helps with a housing and company can help with airport and bus terminal pickup from the Norfolk and Virginia Beach Area.

It’s a nice and big resort place.
6 – Housekeepers
4 – Dishwashers
6 – Bussers
2 – Cooks
Housing is free, wage per hour starts from $9.45!